Offer of real estate in Dubai for the price of real estate in the Czech Republic
with 5x more rental profit

Real estate offerRent provision from A to Z

Buyback guarantee

We offer, as the only one on the market, the return of your property after 2 years

Rent guarantee

As the only one on the market, we offer guaranteed rental income for 1, 2, or 5 years

0% VAT for your income

we will help with the settlement of the company headquarters in Dubai

We will help you with the purchase and management of real estate in Dubai

We will help you with the purchase and management of real estate in Dubai

View the apartment with us

Take a tour with us of such common real estate in Dubai, which are from CZK 3 million

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Sale of real estate

Service - we offer services from A to Z

We will take care of everything for you, find an apartment, buy it, furnish it, rent it, take care of the accounts, send the money - we handle everything for you, you just receive the monthly earnings.

We are known in the media

Our team also includes Veronika, one of the biggest real estate sellers in Dubai to celebrities, viz. references Jasmina Alagic, Zuzana Strausz Plačková, etc. Listen to how it all works.



It's our retirement income security that doesn't die with us, but passes on to our children.


I'm happy. I'm not very good at writing reviews, but here I was asked to, so I tell it like it is. I am an older woman from the village and I still can't believe that I went into this and it can be so easy even for an ordinary person who has never been there and above all does not speak any language, everything was handled with me in Czech and from home - I received confirmation from everything, things they work and I just stare at what is possible today and that I can do it too.


I got in touch with the girls from an acquaintance of ours, I inherited some money and didn't know how to deal with it, and mainly I was worried about it, lest I lose it in some funds. Here I have a property and a guaranteed rent. I would probably earn more, but I want certainty. At the current rent, I have an apartment paid for in 5 years and I will live better from the rent than from the Czech pension.


I don't speak English and I would never have thought that I could buy such a property and solve everything in Czech, not worry about anything and that they would also provide me with a rental, etc. I actually don't even care much about the details of how it works, I just gave the money and now I it comes a lot more per month than I hoped, because I'm a bit distrustful and skeptical, and here I'm really pleasantly surprised.

Paní Jana

Ms. Jana even took out a mortgage on her house and thanks to it, she bought a property in Dubai with a guaranteed rent option, which pays off her mortgage and still leaves her with an extra amount of CZK 15,000 per month.


Me and investing in real estate, to me… science fiction. I am an ordinary woman with a family, my husband and my two boys. We live paycheck to paycheck, we're not bad, but it could always be better, right?

Our team

Pavel Horáček
Pavel Horáček

Company management, executive

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Ing. Edita Körner, MBA
Ing. Edita Körner, MBA

company management and real estate broker for the Czech Republic and abroad

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Airbnb and booking - rental of your purchased property and its management on site in Dubai in the Czech language - rents, maintenance, etc.

real estate agent representing our company directly in Dubai

Trade representative for Ukraine

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